Have you ever been flipping through the Boise Weekly or heard of a friend going to a concert and thought "what ever happened to that band? I remember that one song...but...they're still around!?"

It happens, one-hit wonders are really a thing, and today is dedicated to them.  Here's to you, one-hit wonders, for providing so many of us with a song that we loved, only to never hear from you again...

In honor of National One-Hit Wonder day, I've compiled a list of my top five favorite one-hit wonders, in no particular order.  Feel free to let me know if I'm missing any smashes!


  • 1

    Daniel Powter

    Bad Day

    If this song came on today, I would probably roll my eyes. It definitely isn't my jam anymore but released in 2006, I could almost guarantee you know exactly what this song is...and probably most of the words, too!

  • 2


    This Is Why I'm Hot

    Ahh, the MySpace days...this was definitely one of my profile page songs--no shame.  Released in 2007, this song instantly reminds me of middle school.  Friends knowing the words to it, playing it on my way to football practice. What. A. Trip.

  • 3


    Laffy Taffy

    All of the kids wanting to be "edgy" in class would ask "do you even know what laffy taffy means" when this would be referenced.  It soared to #1 on the Billboard charts but the group never had another song come close to this classic, yet somewhat ridiculous anthem.

  • 4


    Lips Of An Angel

    I'm sorry if this was or is still, your jam...but, CRINGE! Hinder came out with this breath-y, from the throat-sung song in 2006 and it was somehow a ballad of love!  I will admit ONE memory to this while it was climbing the charts and that was my first middle school "slow dance" with a girl. Looking back, maybe this song is why I'm still single! Not my fault, though. I wasn't the dj!

  • 5

    Eiffel 65

    Blue (Da Ba Dee)

    I say this with absolutely NO embarrassment-- my friend from high school and I will still bump this if we are on our way downtown on a Saturday night. Can you name the other hit from Eiffel 65? Trick question...there wasn't one. That makes them a great addition to my one-hit-wonder list.

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