As we're in the thick of summer, I just have to say: there is nothing quite like an ice-cold, refreshing beer. However, too much of a good thing could actually be a bad thing... and no, we're not talking about smashing out a 12-pack on a Monday night on the couch. We're talking about the alcohol by volume and according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, "regular beer" is supposed to have around 5% ABV whereas "some light beers" have 4.2% ABV. But, what if you enjoyed a brew that was a tad bit higher?

According to Idaho law: “Beer containing not more than sixteen percent (16%) of alcohol by volume may be manufactured, imported, and/or sold and distributed in and into this state or possessed therein in the manner and under the conditions prescribed in this act and not otherwise.”

A few beers with 16% ABV sounds like it would have me face-down by 9 PM on a Tuesday but they are out there. Now, we've talked to local enforcement and unless you're running an illegal brewery under downtown Boise and selling beer over 16% ABV, they likely won't come after you.

We found 5 beers that are technically illegal in the state of Idaho according to the 16% law. Sure, you could try them (I didn't tell you that) but then wouldn't you be breaking the law?

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