Is there anything better than an ice-cold beer to wrap up your day? We didn’t think so either. Whether it’s the crisp and cool taste or if it’s the nice little buzz that comes with the brew, there’s nothing like beer. Idaho is known for its breweries across the state but there are limitations as to how wild we can get with our tasty crafts.

According to Idaho law: “Beer containing not more than sixteen percent (16%) of alcohol by volume may be manufactured, imported, and/or sold and distributed in and into this state or possessed therein in the manner and under the conditions prescribed in this act and not otherwise.”

When I reached out to local officials seeking out a punishment for the "crime", I was told it would be more of an "administrative violation." So luckily for us, it doesn't sound like it would be anything more than a ticket at most. No jail time! Let's take a look at these beers that are technically illegal in Idaho.

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