Interestingly enough, there’s not even one county in Idaho where more than 50% of the population (25 years and over) have a bachelor’s degree.

But that doesn’t mean we're dumb, okay?!

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Idaho appears to represent more blue-collar jobs or trades where you only need a high school diploma, and sometimes not even that, but what counties in Idaho are the least educated?

Stacker compiled a list of the least educated counties in Idaho.

They said, “While a college degree has long been viewed as a critical step toward the American dream, growing costs have led many students to reconsider the return-on-investment of higher education."

"Meanwhile, local economies and individual circumstances can push others toward learning a trade or entering the workforce early.”

Here are the Top 10 Least Educated Counties in Idaho.

Keep scrolling for the most educated and highest paid cities in Idaho :)

These are the Top 10 Least Educated Counties in Idaho

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We sorted through the U.S. Census Bureau's "Educational Attainment" data for Idaho to determine which cities were smartest based on the percentage of its population over 25 who achieved a bachelor's degree or higher.

20 Highest Earning Cities in Idaho

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