There is a lot going on in Boise at all times from fun events and service opportunities to concerts and new restaurants opening. Sometimes it could be hard to stay in touch with anything and everything that happens in the lively city which is why it’s helpful to follow the people who know what’s happening. Instagram influencers and accounts from Boise are always quick to share what’s new and what’s happening in Boise so that you never miss a single thing.

Instagram influencers are on top of everything Boise right now and are locals who also want to give their opinions on everything so that you know what you should eat or where you should go. They are well-versed on what’s up to date and answer your questions before you even knew you had them.

Idaho Influencers

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Travedlingspud run by Katie is an Idaho Travel & Lifestyle account. She is in the top 15 influencers in the Northwest and her account tells you everything you need to know about travel, lifestyle, food, and stays in Idaho. She also shares hidden gems throughout Idaho and the Northwest. She has also been featured on USA Today and Reader’s Digest.

Treasurevalley_treatsandeats run by Lauren is a Treasure Valley Foodie account. Lauren is a local goodie and content creator sharing everything you need to know about local coffee shops, restaurants, and bars.

Sproutingvitality run by Kenz is an Idaho food, adventure, and travel account. Kenz’s Instagram features where to go, what to do, and where to eat in Idaho. This account will let you know the perfect unique stays and bucket list travel ideas that you need to know.

Dear.boise run by Karilyn is a Boise wellness account. Her Instagram features wellness good food, local travel, and fun events in and around Boise.

Tastefulltyler run by Tyler is a Boise foodie account. His account features everything that you need to know when trying new food in and around Boise.

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