Tattoos have been around since the beginning of time and a lot of people today get tattoos for a variety of reasons. When you consider how long tattoos have been around it actually makes a lot of sense to assume there have been some fails in that time span. Many things can go wrong during a person’s tattoo experience ranging from infection to concept misunderstandings which leads to a regretful piece. It’s important to know what red flags to look for in the event you’re thinking about getting some ink.

With all of that in mind, we searched around for some of the worst-reviewed tattoo experiences from right here in Boise!

These Boise Tattoo Fails Will Make You Think Before You Ink

Think before you ink! Here are reviews of the worst tattoo fails we found in Boise.

Tattooed and Successful - Boise Business Changing the Narrative

Is A Former Boise Favorite Being Converted To A Tattoo Parlor?

A Reddit user shared that someone purchased Rockies Diner with hopes to convert it into a tattoo parlor; will it happen?


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