It's no secret that Idahoans, especially here in the Treasure Valley, love their dogs! You'll see happy little dogos running around town all year long--sticking their heads out of windows on the roads, enjoying the sun on local patios, and living their best lives around local parks. To many, these pets are essentially their owners' "first born".

Have you ever lost a pet? Sometimes it's difficult to even think about where to begin--here's a great starting point.

Can we talk about how adorable these doggos are that are waiting to be found by their owners?

These Lost Dogs Are Hoping Their Owners Find Them!

If you haven't seen your pet in a while--odds are it might be checked into the West Valley Humane Society and waiting for you to come bring it home!

Please tell us one of these is yours and can go home soon! 

The West Valley Humane Society is located in Caldwell, Idaho--so if you lost a dog in Caldwell, this might be a really great resource to you. Some of these dogs are in Boise at the Idaho Humane Society, as well. However, let's not forget how many times we have seen on the news, a dog that ended up being found hundreds if not thousands of miles away in another state. If a dog can get from one state to another--they can certainly get from one city to another in a place as close-knit as the Treasure Valley!

We cannot imagine the heartache that families and especially kids might feel when their doggo runs away--and we're thankful that the good folks at our local humane societies do such a great job of taking these dogs in and making sure their adorable "mugshots" are posted online!

Check out the dog "lost & found", HERE for West Valley. 

Check out the dog "lost & found", HERE for Boise.

A Look at Idaho Humane Society's Newest Doggos

They were flown in from Louisiana in a life saving mission!

Boise Dogs Love Beer Too

Check out these adorable Boise dogs enjoying some puppy brews!

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