We already know that Idaho has some of the rudest drivers on the road. According to a study, Idaho has the second-highest share of rude drivers in the nation right behind Virginia.

One of the most common rude driving behaviors Idahoans are notorious for, could arguably be last-minute merging

The "rude" driver is actually helping traffic flow and reducing accidents by using the "zipper merge method", rather than merging the instant they see a "lane closure" sign miles in advance.

By using available space in both lanes and then taking turns to merge, traffic experts agree that it allows cars in both lanes to move at roughly the same speed, which helps everyone move along and reduces accidents.

I would like to also argue though that this "zipper merge method" is only useful when there is heavy traffic. Other times drivers will be cruising in the merge lane until it ends and then try to get over which only causes other drivers to have to break ultimately stopping the flow of traffic.

States across the country are spreading the word on the zipper merge, with Illinois creating a law that fines drivers who refuse to let others merge.  North Carolina has a similar bill that will soon become law, too. Personally, I'd love to see laws like this implemented here in the Gem State. In fact, I think we should all take a reminder course in driver's ed while we're at it!

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