If you think about how many people walk, bike, or drive through an ATM here in the Treasure Valley on a daily basis, the number would have to be pretty high. I go through an ATM at least twice a week to grab cash for a night out or deposit checks. It's easy to feel SAFE at a bank, right? It's a federally insured financial institution...all eyes (and security cameras) are on the bank! Unfortunately, there are those that just see a bank as a building stashed with money and will do almost anything they can to try and sneak some of YOURS away!

Boise Police are reporting that card skimmers have been placed around Boise ATMs and may still be out there. In fact, according to authorities these things are easily hidden in plain sight and you may not even notice they are there.

The first step, says the Boise Police Department, is checking your bank statement for any charges that don't seem right. Then, moving forward, make sure you're really looking at any card reading machine...see anything that looks "added-on"? Flag it with the business or bank.

Idaho's News Channel 7 has photos of the suspects that you can see, HERE.

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