Boise resident and entrepreneur HillaryLee is thinking outside the box. In an effort to solve the raising prices of commercial space for small business owners and startups, she's planning on building a shipping container business park.

Local entrepreneur plans to build shipping container business park for startups
While the Treasure Valley continues to grow, so does the need for places to do business. A local businesswoman has a unique idea to help small startups get their foot in the door without a hefty price tag.

Personally, I think this is a great idea! During my last visit to Vegas, I saw a mixed-use shipping container park. It included business headquarters, restaurants and an outside play area for children. It was busy and had a uniquely modern and rustic feel to it. I loved the idea so much I started reaching out to my friends here in Boise to re-create the idea but found out very quickly how much work it would take to create this project.

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