Were you one of the people who assumed that it was time for shorts and flip flops until October, and you already packed away your winter coats and snow boots for the year??

Good freaking joke.

But unfortunately, we were one of those fools who had already packed ours away even though we knew better, so we’re not laughing.


What is the “third winter”?

If you’re new to the area, what we’re experiencing now is the dreaded “third winter,” which is actually extremely common in the Treasure Valley. 

It’s basically when it starts feeling like spring and warmer weather… and then mother nature throws down a Reverse Uno card, and flips it directly back to winter.

She’s a fickle queen, but that’s Idaho for you.


However, as much as we’re bitter that in the span of one weekend, we experienced 75 degree weather one day and then snow the next… we’re not mad that we’re finally getting some precipitation, because we all know that our state desperately needs it.

But why can’t it be a nice 60 degrees and raining, instead of freezing temperatures and snow in the middle of April? Come on now. 


What can we expect from this freezing and unwelcome surprise?

Unfortunately, more snow and freezing rain are in our future for this week, so get those winter coats and boots back out of storage.

According to Weather Atlas, snow this time of year is actually pretty common in Idaho, with at least a few days of snowfall occurring each year.

However, it generally won’t snow any later than April. 


So it looks like we may be in for another week or two of this crummy weather, but brighter days are right around the corner. 

Stay strong, Idaho – we’ve got this!

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