Up for a taste of paradise in Boise, Idaho? Let's be honest, it really isn't that hard to find. Truly it depends on what your definition of "paradise" is! For some it might be a row of foodie destinations or brewpubs. For others, it may be miles away from the city amid rivers, foothills, and canyons. For more--it's somewhere in between. The magic of Idaho is that there is a "paradise" for everyone--and word is OUT.

In what world is a $5 million mansion up for sale in Boise? That's just the nature of our city anymore.

Our big and dreamy imaginations often consider paradise those places we see on TV-- remote islands, tropical getaways--and we are so often sucked into show like "Bachelor in Paradise" that paint a picture of a lavish lifestyle that most of us haven't experienced.

When we came across this mansion--we couldn't help but imagine what The Bachelor would look like if it were to be filmed in Boise... tell us we're wrong! 

This Home is Boise's Own Bachelor in Paradise Mansion

These photos will show you exactly why anything that you see on "Bachelor in Paradise" can also be found right here in Boise. The $5 Million mansion is nothing shy of an Idaho version of the show!

After looking at this mansion, are you totally in love with the home like we are? We would do just about anything to host ONE party in that monster of a house...seriously!!! 

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