If you have ever missed a flight you know how annoying that can be. Even more so, at least for me--running LATE to a flight is an extremely stressful process. You don't know if you're going to make it on time, how long the TSA lines are going to be, or if they're going to hold that plane back for you. Sprinkle in the awkward feeling that comes along with hearing the desk agents announce your name on the airport-wide loud speaker for that "final boarding call".

Has this brought up all of the anxiety in you that it has in me? Let's put that to rest.

I recently discovered and USED one benefit to expedite my travels and after a weekend away on business last week--I wish you knew what a breath of fresh air it offered.

I guarantee you've heard of it if you fly at all--it's simply TSA Pre-Check. There's nothing secret about the service. Once enrolled, you can enter the airport through that "Pre-Check Line" that is always significantly shorter than the regular security check.

Best of all, it is only $85 and covers essentially every airport you would ever need, domestically.

I made an appointment to be enrolled for TSA Pre-Check a few months ago and it took less than 5-minutes to have a photo taken, verify my identity, and pay the $85.  Within just a couple of days, I had my KTN or "Known Traveler Number" which I now have tied to all of my flights. I would have missed every single flight--all 4 of them--last weekend, had it not been for TSA Pre-Check.

We continue to see massive lines at the Boise Airport as travel has begun to re-open and this trend is everywhere. Being enrolled in Pre-Check meant that I was cutting the lines--literally HUNDREDS of people long--to the very front where I didn't need to take off my shoes, belt, or even unpack my laptop or liquids. I have never felt more VIP in my entire life.

Interested in enrolling? It will be the best $85 any traveler ever spends.

Tap in, HERE to get the details and sign up! 

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