Over the past 4-5 months, I have been trying really hard to be more conscious of what I put into my body.  If you have ever attempted to do this you should know-- it isn't always easy, especially when your habits aren't in great shape. I started off with baby steps--no, I wasn't cutting out fast food just yet but I was limiting myself to low-calorie options. Before I knew it, I wasn't eating as much junk and then before long, I wasn't craving that junk that our bodies get addicted to so quick. It's been a real improvement to my lifestyle since I turned that first corner.

I found an app in the app store that has helped me take things to the next level and no, it's not some crazy high-maintenance gym rat app. It's one that anyone can use and I would recommend it even if you're already in far greater nutritional shape than I.

The app is called MyNetDiary PRO and it's kind of a life saver.

Credit: Mateo, Townsquare Media
Credit: Mateo, Townsquare Media

Above you can see a screen grab of how the interface looks--ignore the fact I forgot to log my breakfast.  I plug all of my meals into this thing and by the way, if you're eating something (good OR bad) with a bar-code on it, the app can scan the bar-code and automatically plug in ALL of the nutritional information. In fact, the app even give it a grade so you know how to feel about what you just scanned..from an 'A+' to a 'D'.

The app is constantly taking into account workouts from a smartwatch or the steps your taking and yes-- if you're burning enough calories it lets you know you can eat a few extra that day, too.  It's user friendly and as you begin to eat foods that you may think are "healthier" than others only to see its grade really isn't impressive-- your habits change. One awesome feature is the app crowd-sources restaurant nutrition, locally and nationally. So yes, you can find menu items from local restaurants right here in Boise within the app when you go to log your food. This app seems to have an answer for it all.

The app also features an analysis both daily and weekly-- it will tell you the great things you've done and the things you should fix. It's seriously like a personal coach on your phone.

Trying to drop some weight or just be more CONSCIOUS of what you're consuming? Check out this app HERE. It has completely changed my lifestyle for the better


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