It's the most wonderful time of the year--March Madness! Or, as many beloved Gonzaga fans like to call it, 'Gonzaga Season'.  Even if you don't like Gonzaga Basketball, it seems that most fans of March Madness can't stop talking about them.

Shall we sing the song?

Gonzaga sucks. Gonzaga doesn't play anyone. Gonzaga isn't in a real conference. Gonzaga is overrated. Mark Few can't get it done?  We could go on...

Despite the hate, Gonzaga, led by college basketball's winningest active coach, Mark Few, has the stats to back up their success and it is time that basketball lovers just realize that anyone can win on any given day in this tournament.

Regardless of the competitive nature of March--for the NINTH year in a row, Gonzaga has made the Sweet Sixteen after a blowout win against Kansas. Not many programs can say that.


Just a 6-hour drive from Boise and only minutes from the Idaho border up north, Gonzaga is a regional favorite and Boise is home to many alumni.

While driving up Parkcenter Boulevard, many have noticed, like we have, that there's an enthusiastic 'Zag Business'.  In fact, they're so enthusiastic, they're offering up FREE Botox...IF the Zags win it all this year. Gonzaga has never won a national title--but they've been in the national title game twice in recent years and they're still alive which means the offer is STILL on the table from Gem State Dermatology.

We looked into the clinic and it does appear that Dr. Mings is a graduate of Gonzaga University. It all makes sense!

Gonzaga's next game is TONIGHT- Friday, March 29th.

Go, Gonzaga, G-O-N-Z-A-G-A!

Learn more about Gem State Dermatology, HERE.

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