Oh, the rumors. They seem to swirl a lot around this popular name and even if they have nothing to do with Boise--the man around which they swirl will always have ties to this place that we call home.

It's that time of the year--football season in the college ranks is over and in the pro's, many teams have wrapped up their season as the playoffs aren't in their future. Along with players transferring and moving around--we often see coaching changes as well.

A few major coaching changes took place this week and that has football fans firing up their ideas, rumors, and wishlists. You don't need to be a fan to recognize these names: Nick Saban, Bill Belichick, and Pete Carroll.  They all retired this week.

One name is immediately coming up in the mix for an NFL vacancy becuase of these retirements and it's a name that will always excite Boise residents.

There's no denying that Chris Petersen is a Boise legend...

Chris Petersen Through The Years

Coach Chris Petersen Boise State to Washington to Fox Sports

Gallery Credit: YOUTUBE

No matter what's happening in Boise--win or lose-- fans would love to have the guy back here because of his passion and smarts for the game of football. 

Coach Pete to Boise? Well, there isn't an opening.

Coach Pete to the Seattle Seahawks? It's totally possible.

As fans know, Coach Pete retired following the 2019 season at the University of Washington and stayed on with the school in Seattle for an administrative role. He's also been a great analyst on FOX Sports. Still residing in Seattle, Petersen's name keeps coming up from fans--many say that the 'recharge' he was seeking has to be up by now and the legend needs to return to the sideline.

The Seahawks are in Seattle. Coach Pete is in Seattle. It's made a match made in heaven...or...Seattle.

    Only time will tell if Chris Petersen has 


Here's a look at someone that Coach Pete is more than familiar with that has an NFL career going of his own: 

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