Everybody knows the all too familiar feeling of having a late night, intense sugar craving. It sneaks up on you out of nowhere, and 9 times out of 10 you either don’t have said craving available to you in the fridge, or everything around you is already closed! This is exactly what happened to me Saturday night. After a fun date night at the Village, I found my mind wandering to the FroYo shop where I had stupidly turned down desert. Upon arriving home, I ransacked the freezer for sweets but alas we had none. 11:30 rolled around. Okay, now my craving had kicked into overtime. I turned to my wife and said “I would give anything for some cookies and milk right now…” She laughed quietly and went back to being on her phone. A moment later, she said: “Cookies and milk are on their way. They’ll be here in 20 minutes.” WAIT WHAT??? YES… it was true! My wife went on to tell me about a cookie delivery company here in Boise- Chip Cookies- who just so happens to deliver until 2:30am Saturday nights! Oh my goodness, my chocolate chip cookie dreams literally came true. For some reason I wouldn’t believe this was possible until around midnight I heard a knock on the door. Low and behold, a kind soul was standing in my doorway with a box of heaven and milk on the side. When I say these cookies are DELICIOUS… what I mean is they are melt in your mouth, fluffy, delectable specimens that dreams are made of. These are gourmet cookies and possibly the best cookies I have ever had and ever will have! Four come in a box- but each cookie is massive. They’re super affordable, ($10 a box+ $2.99 delivery) and worth EVREY PENNY! The next time you’re too lazy to go back out and want something out of this world delicious, Chip Cookies is a Boise MUST TRY!!

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