Talk about a bad time for this news to hit. Summer temperatures are here in Boise and it is hot, really hot. It's perfect weather to grab the kids, and some towels, sunscreen and jump in one of the many public lakes our city has to offer. Just heed this warning, if you see green/blue slime KEEP OUT.

Blue-green algae found at Esther Simplot Park, Pond No. 1 closed
The City of Boise announced Thursday night that "an abundance of caution" prompted officials to close the larger of the park's two ponds. All recreation at the pond is prohibited until further notice.

There are signs posted around the lake but extra caution may be warranted. This blue-green algae is already responsible for taking the like of at least one Idaho dog. City officials are treating the pond to try and fix the problem. Hopefully the problem wont spread to other lakes in the area, temperatures aren't expected to go down any time soon

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