One of the best ways to avoid heatstroke this summer is by staying inside.

Don't have air conditioning? This hack will keep your place nice n' frosty.

Unfortunately, air conditioning is an amenity not everyone can enjoy. The bills can be sky high, units can go on the fritz, and some homes aren't outfitted with central air to begin with. Before you put the kiddy pool in the living room and fill it with ice, try this homemade hack first. YouTuber DesertSun02 came up with a way to build an air conditioner for just a few dollars, and people swear by the results. Don't blow this off as some gimmick, the video has over 13,000,000 views. The hack is legit.

While it requires a little bit of elbow grease and just a few inexpensive products from a home improvement store, making a homemade air conditioner is totally doable for almost anybody who's living in the heat inside your home.

Seem a little intimidating? Here's an a/c unit you can put together for $8 or less:

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