Like moms need anything else to worry about!

If you're going to die from an animal encounter in Idaho, it will most likely be with this one. It's responsible for more deaths here than any other.  

Man vs. Beast breaks it down by state, and they tell us that in Idaho, the deer is the animal that is responsible for the most deaths. Large mammals like deer and horses are responsible for the most deaths in most states in fact.

It's not that those animals are crazy here and have pack meetings to come up with a plan to attack us, but we accidentally run across them and bad things happen.  Car vs. deer never turns out well.

Texas has problems with scorpions.  Ew.  Have you been stung by a scorpion before?  It's not always fatal of course.  I have a friend who was stung by a scorpion on his butt cheek because the little stinker was hiding in his bed sheets and he rolled over on it.  I KNOWWWW!  It freaked me out too and I checked and double checked my sheets for weeks after he told me that.  He survived, but said his backside hurt like heck for several days.

Washington, Oregon, and Louisiana have to worry about hornets, wasps, and bees the most. It's not alligators in Florida causing the most deaths, but mosquitoes instead. And snakes in California.

Idaho is one of the top states with the biggest risk for death-by animal.  Only Montana, West Virginia, South Dakota, and Alaska rank ahead of us.

Wanna move?  I think we'll take the risk.  The odds of being killed by an animal here are at 1 in 940,548, so our odds of living are still pretty good.

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