You may remember a school shooting that took place at Rigby Middle School last year. It made national headlines and while the event was tragic enough--without this Idaho woman, it could have been much worse.


Idaho Teacher who Halted Rigby School Shooting Honored by Governor

The shooting

On May 6th, 2021 a math teacher, Krista Gneiting, prevented what could have been a killing spree at Rigby’s Middle School.


Did anyone get hurt?

Three individuals were injured during the shooting, but all thankfully survived. 

How Krista Gneiting stopped the shooter

Using an unusual approach, Krista Gneiting spoke with the shooter and calmly asked her to hand her the gun. Once talking her through surrendering the firearm, she embraced the shooter in her arms until the policeman arrived and apprehended the shooter.

National News

This shooting made national news, and Krista was interviewed by multiple news outlets. Everyone was shocked and grateful that her words were able to calm the shooter and prevent much further harm from occurring. 

Governor Brad Little Recognition

Gneiting was recently honored by Governor Brad Little and other Idaho lawmakers for her heroic act. Little said, “Krista, please stand so we can recognize you for protecting everyone in the building that day and for your compassion with that sixth-grade girl.”

There was another shooting that happened in Idaho during 2021 that made national headlines. The Boise Townsquare Mall was targeted.

Boise Reacts to Mall Shooting

An unheard of incident for Boise, Idaho took place at the Towne Square Mall on the afternoon of October 25th.

Then, to make it worse, a few days later information was released of a Boise woman charged for stealing from one of the deceased victim's bodies during the horrific event. 

Boise woman charged for stealing from dead body of boise mall shooting

Boise woman charged after stealing items from dead body of Boise mall shooting victim, Jo Acker4


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