The coronavirus has successfully thrown a kink into just about every aspect of everyday life for nearly every American in the past month or so. Of course, this virus is causing havoc around the globe, too-- many nations are seeing far greater death totals (they've had the presence of the disease longer than the United States) and in some parts of the world, there simply isn't proper healthcare to even handle it. All of this has offered a lot of perspective for many of us-- be grateful and lucky for us, we have our "regular" days at the other end of this obstacle to look forward to.

I have to admit, with the job that I have it can be impossible to leave town for a little time to myself. Lucky for me, I love what I do and unless it's a big concert or a family event, I'm totally cool with working here in the Treasure Valley. I mean, I COULD have a real job. No thanks! With the slow weekends, bars closed, and a lot of our office here at the radio station shut down, however-- in the back of my mind has been "how could I RESPONSIBLY sneak away?"

The first thing that came to mind was: I'm going to do a day trip to McCall. I love McCall.

Well, now McCall, Cascade, Crouch, and really Valley County all together are saying what should have been commonsense: please, stay home.

In a press release from the City of Cascade, officials pleaded with members of their own community and beyond to adhere to the CDC recommendations of just staying at home and indoors when you can. Valley County is obviously much smaller than Ada and Canyon counties--two areas that have a lot of us wishing we could "get away" for a little. Hospitals and medical professionals in Valley County are doing everything they can to gear up for coronavirus in their own towns, when it inevitably arrives.  McCall and Crouch have echoed the wishes of the City of Cascade.

So, for now...STAY HOME. We'll all be able to get out and enjoy our great state and beyond, soon.

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