Do you have AirPods for your iPhone? Does someone you know? You (or they) can use them to listen in on conversations happening in another room.

Sounds sketch, right? The 'Live Listen' feature wasn't intended for eavesdropping, but it's been used for that since being found out. Live listen is actually intended to help the hearing impaired by placing their phone close to a person to help them hear clearer through their AirPods. As long as you've got your Live Listen icon on, and your phone volume turned up, you can place (or hide) your phone in a room and listen in through your AirPods from a completely separate room.

Yikes. Now I'm not in a relationship currently, but skeptical girlfriend Kat would have LOVED this feature a few years ago. But single Kat is glad I don't have any guys stressing me out or bringing me to the point of snooping.

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