It's 4/20 in Boise, and you know what that means!

That's right. Nothing out of the ordinary.

You probably came here to find the best places in and around Boise to celebrate all things cannabis on 4/20. Well, it's probably not likely that this is news to you, but it's illegal to smoke marijuana in Idaho.

So, you're either here looking to party, or you're a cop. Are you a cop? Because you kind of look like a cop.

Just in case, here's how we'll be celebrating 4/20 in Boise today:

Going to start with a healthy breakfast. Perhaps an egg sandwich, maybe a nice bowl of off-brand Raisin Bran (times are tough), and a protein shake if there are still hunger pangs.

For lunch, it's Devil's Ramen. It's a secret recipe. Regular stove-top ramen, four eggs, cayenne pepper, and ghost pepper sauce. Sounds awful, but it's delicious. Also, if you just so happen to find yourself in a state where you can legally consume cannabis, it's the go-to snack.

Dinner? Hmmmm. Pizza? Pizza is always nice because there's no work. There's simply nothing worse than being so hungry that you feel your life flashing before you, and you discover you have to actually cook dinner? Meh, that's so mid. So we'll just go with delivery, or maybe one of those take-and-bake pizzas. Either way, it's pizza, so we're good.

And that's how we're celebrating 4/20 today! We definitely won't be doing anything illegal, and there's no reason at all to be suspicious if you just so happen to work in law enforcement.

Pinky swear.



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