Prior to deciding last minute that I did indeed want to move away and attend Gonzaga University after finishing high school--I had signed a a letter of intent to run track at the College of Idaho.

The College of Idaho was an awesome place to visit and in the time that I spent around their staff, there was never a bad experience. The small liberal arts college in Caldwell, Idaho is often times over looked by students here in the Treasure Valley but time and time again the results don't lie: The College of Idaho is one of the top higher education institutions in the country. Just last year, the College of Idaho was ranked #2 in the "Top 50 Best Small Colleges in the U.S." by the publication Best College Review.

Another top honor has been brought in by the College of Idaho recently and this time, they're ranked first!  Out of all colleges in the state of Idaho, C of I ranks the best for employment levels for graduates.  Clearly, this shows that the College of Idaho is putting time into forming and shaping their students, right here in the Treasure Valley! In fact, with these employment levels a decade past graduation coming in at over 90%, the C of I beat out many large universities nation-wide!

Learn more about the honor, HERE.


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