Lil Wayne returned to Boise for the first time since his 2007 arrest in the Treasure Valley. Finally, he announces he's coming back, we all buy tickets (not for a small price, either) and then he goes and walks off stage. WALKS. OFF. STAGE!

The video is sideways but I needed to post this so badly because I almost can't believe it happened.

$65 a ticket to see Lil Wayne at the Revolution Concert House. We weren't complaining. In fact, we gave away a bunch of tickets so we all could say we saw him on his first time back to Boise.

If you're the one who threw a drink at Lil Wayne causing him to cancel his show just FORTY MINUTES in! This is why we can't have nice things.


Everyone was out of the Rev at that point. Now people are coming forward saying that once Lil Wayne's "goons" threw water back at the crowd, it hit them. Now it begins...the people come forward.

Were you there last night?


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