Not sure if wine clubs are new or if they've been around forever but have only become aware since becoming a mom and craving wine at the end of a long day. You know, like how you never notice how many Hyundai Santa Fes are on the road until you purchase a Hyundai Santa Fe for yourself. But I've only ever seen them as wine of the month subscription services. Firstleaf, Naked Wines, Winc, Bright Cellars--all of these are top rated. But how fun is it to just get some wine in the mail and drink alone?

Boise Co-op's Uncorked! Wine Bar, the cutie wine bar across the parking lot from the Boise Co-op, offers a wine club membership that adds a social component you won't get with these national subscriptions. Like any club there is a monthly fee, this one is $50.. This earns you three bottle of wine hand picked by local experts from their wine shop. But it's the pick-up process that I think gives you more bang for your buck.

Uncorked! hosts the Wine Club Pick-up Party on the first Monday of each month so you can taste all the wines you're getting in your shipment that month and you can mingle with other members of the wine club. I mean, this sounds like the perfect way to meet new friends. And you can even bring a friend with you who isn't part of the club for just $10. If only to temper the sting of loneliness, I recommend joining.

There are other perks to being a wine club member and you can read all about them here. Not going to lie, this would be an excellent gift idea this holiday season. And I'm also going to gift it to myself. I need friends.

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