Picking the perfect place to call home in Boise can be a tough call. Especially if you're trying to avoid having hipsters as neighbors.

I'm not here to define what makes a hipster (drinking kombucha tea while listening to Mumford & Sons) or to argue about if it's a good or bad thing to live next to a hipster. However, if the fear of living near hipsters is making you lose sleep at night, there's a map that was created just for you.

A man by the name of Pieter Levels has created what he calls Hoodmaps, a website that takes user feedback to tell you where you are most likely to find hipsters, rich folks, or tourists in your city. Why? Levels explains:

I want to get a quick overview of what a city is about. What are the cool “hip” areas? Where’s the wealthier areas? What areas are more suburbian (and maybe boring for me?).

Is the map accurate? Can you actually use it to pinpoint and avoid all the hipsters in Boise? Since it's based on user feedback, the results may vary. If you want to see the map of Boise for yourself, you can see it here.

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