If you head downstairs at the Pioneer Tent building on 6th and Main, you'll be surprised to know you'll be approaching a "nude beach." Okay, so it's not a real beach per se but this "nude beach" can be found in the Old Boise Model Railroad Club... and it's hilarious.

The beach can be found in an intricately constructed railroad model made by the folks at the Old Boise Model Railroad Club.

In addition to the "nude beach", I found it incredibly interesting to learn that the graffiti on the train cars is real graffiti from here in Boise. Apparently, they have someone who will go out and snap photos of the graffiti, have it scaled down then applied to the cars. Where else are you going to find this amount of detail?

According to their site, the Old Boise Model Railroad Club has been putting this model together since 2001 and it's free to check out. You can learn more about visiting hours and how to donate at their site at OldBoiseMRC.org.

We Found a "Nude Beach" in Downtown Boise and it's Hilarious

We found a "nude beach" in downtown Boise and everything is so tiny!

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