"Your privacy is important to us", the website states.

Is it, though? Because there's just way too much information on here.

Just last week, I shared with you the news of the Facebook data leak that put personal information out there on a number of individuals that was larger than the entire population of the United States of America. With no plans to notify Facebook users of their "leak status", if you will, I began to wonder just how much is tied back to something personal, like my email address.  I was shocked at what I found.

While talking about this with a friend, she began to text me screenshot after screenshot of my personal information. My address, my old address, my email address and cell phone number...you name it, it seems it was on this site. All that was missing was my social security number. On top of all of that--it LINKED to the same type of information for my parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents.


The website is called 'Spokeo' and if you have ever Google searched someone (we've all done it), odds are you've seen the site among the top results.

Search for yourself, if you dare, HERE.

More importantly, there is a way to get yourself removed. I did that myself and have been checking back like a crazy person to confirm I'm off of the site.  So far, it has been a success.

It's actually pretty tricky to find the small, fine print to opt-out of this website (that you never even opted IN to, in the first place).  Once you get there, you enter the URL from the page that has your info, verify an email address, and submit that removal request.

They actually have removal instructions themselves and you can find those, HERE.

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