At this point it's proven that I can pretty much live off a steady diet of tacos.  I've actually got of rotation of places I'll go for a taco lunch throughout the week: Tin Roof Tacos, Taco Bell on Broadway and Whole Foods.  I was shocked when one of those locations suddenly closed a few weeks ago!

Broadway Taco Bell Closed Until Further Notice

Ever since I had my first Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco, I've been highly addicted to the the Taco Bell creation. About a month ago, I looked forward to going to grab a few the entire time I was on the air that day.  When I pulled up to the Taco Bell on Broadway after my show on June 15th, the driveways were roped off.  There was a construction vehicle or two in the parking lot and an orange cone with a very generic "Sorry, we're closed" sign sticking out of the top of it.  I just ate there a week before! What gives?

So I reached out to the only person that may have a clue, our friend Don at Boise Dev.  Turns out the franchisee of that particular location is working on a remodel that moves the drive through window and improves the kitchen.  The location WILL reopen, but it's unclear when.  I tried to make a taco run on Monday afternoon and it was still closed.

The Treasure Valley's Newest Flying Pie Pizzeria is Closed

Not far down the street from that Taco Bell, the newest Flying Pie in the Treasure Valley is closed until July 24th.  According to Boise Dev, it's working on a new menu.  Last month the location was holding a "hiring party" for new cooks, hosts/hostesses, servers and more as it prepared to make the switch to table service.  I'm kind of bummed it's closed for a while.  Ever since the Pizza Hut across the street from our apartment at Apple and Parkcenter closed, this has been our go to pizza place.

Downtown Pita Pit Closes Up

I noticed this one on our way to Old Chicago last week.  There's paper covering the door and window and a sign in the window.  It's pretty clear they do NOT plan on reopening that location as the sign reads "we still deliver from our Broadway location." If Pita Pit was your go to place to grab something to eat as you're stumbling home from Hannah's or China Blue, you'll have to consider grabbing some pizza at Pie Hole or a street dog from any of the gazillion hot dog carts downtown.

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