A website called LOVE FOOD just released a list of 'The Best Roadside Restaurants Worth Driving To'... and guess what? Idaho had more restaurants mentioned than any other state with three. :) The list compiles the top 50 ranked in the US but that is not one per state. There were states that were not on the list at all and others, like Idaho that got a lot of love. The gem state actually got the most with two roadside restaurants named from Boise and one named from Ucon.
These ones that are named the list are known for their great food, fantastic service, and eclectic and unique atmosphere.

According to the website LOVE FOOD, "Boise's Westside Drive In is a must-visit." Two locations, one on West State Street and one on Parkcenter Boulevard.

"At what other pink and turquoise 1950s drive-in can you get prime rib, a full rack of pork ribs or its signature dish the Idaho ice cream potato?"

The Westside Drive In website says, "The Westside Drive In has been in operation since 1957, and was purchased by Chef Lou in 1993. His goal was to bring his experience as a classically trained chef to the setting of a '50s-era drive-in restaurant. We have even been featured on "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" on the Food Network!"

Another Idaho winner in Boise is, "Boise Stage Stop Restaurant. They are open 5am to midnight every day and have a wide variety of food options. LOVE FOOD says, "Stop by one of the best-loved truck stops in the US, Boise Stage Stop. It opened in 1891, making it one of the oldest businesses in Idaho. It’s known for its fantastic steakhouse which serves sirloin with crispy shrimp and hearty burgers. You can even get a T-bone at breakfast."

The Stage Stop website says, "In addition to our breakfast favorites and dinner classics, the Boise Stage Stop Restaurant boasts a reputation as a steakhouse, featuring many different cuts of steak for both breakfast and dinner. If you're feeling a little spicy, we also specialize in a robust array of Mexican dishes for both breakfast and dinner. Maybe you're looking for something more casual, our hand-made pizzas are sure to impress!"

The last Idaho Roadside Restaurant to make the list is The Rusty Lantern Diner in Ucon, Idaho. LOVE FOOD says, "If you’re passing through Ucon on your way to Yellowstone, The Rusty Lantern is a cozy spot to stop. Made of wood and surrounded by pots and flowers, it doesn’t look like a traditional diner. But it serves great breakfast skillets featuring hash browns, bacon, cheese, cooked onions and scrambled eggs, prime rib on Friday and Saturday, and ginormous, sticky cinnamon rolls."

According to the restaurant website, it's time to step back into the old west. "Turn off your ringer and leave your troubles at the door. Listen to cowboy tunes as friendly folks serve you great tasting food, made from scratch, just like Grandma’s."

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