Boise Green Bike Stations have been popping up all around downtown Boise and they've just added three locations. Wait, what is a Boise Green Bike anyways? I'll give you ALL the locations and details on saving $$ on gas by riding a community bike.


Noticed those green bikes parking next to each other around Boise yet? We've spent a lot of time in the hospital since our son was born and that's where I first noticed them. The Boise Green Bikes are the cities way of going green, saving you some $$$, giving you another option to commute. I'll explain how to use these Boise Green Bikes, but let me get you those locations first.

  1. Ann Morrison Park - Right across the outdoor gym.
  2. Julia Davis Park - 5th street entrance.
  3. Zoo Boise - located out front.

Boise is BURSTING with green this Summer. We started using bikes for our Cycle to Break the Cycle about four years ago and it was an instant success. The success of Idahoan Kristen Armstrong during her historic Gold Medal Olympic run has fueled the city with enthusiasm. Idahoans love to do anything outdoors which includes running, hiking, swimming, and BIKING! The Green Bike Stations have been a great addition to the community.

How Do You Get a Bike? Does it Cost?

The Boise Green Bikes aren't free and there are several levels to choose on payment. You can do everything from your smartphone in the app. Boise Green Bike app. You could pay $5 for an hour, $15 monthly, $70 annually, and students get a great discount at $45 a year. You can also pay more to receive additional minutes on the bikes. Definitely, something to look into if you're a student or carpool to work. There is nothing worse than not having a ride to leave or grab lunch. The Boies Green Bike gives you at least a little freedom if you need to bolt real fast.

Hope that gives you a little insight and make sure to snap a photo if you jump on one for a quick test drive. Just tag as @kissboise @kekeluv.


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