This Thursday night at Cowgirls, it's going to be my goal to make this party pop! So, I figured why not convince them to let me give a bunch of people some FREE BOOZE! I'm talking the first 103 people that come to the party are going to get FREE SHOTS!

This is good for a few reasons:

 1. School starts soon!

Now this is a bummer, but I can make it less of a bummer for at least a few hours... ALL THANKS to some free drinks!

2. I know I'm broke!

....and get excited when I see the words "FREE" and "BOOZE" in the same sentence. So, I know I can't be the only one!


....that's a given!

So, with all that said... Ill see you this Thursday at Cowgirls, while DJ Sam I Am is dropping them BANGERS!


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