Some of you may have known and for some of you this may be a surprise. But I will no longer be on 103.5 KISSfm.

My life over the last years in radio has been a roller coaster especially this last year and half on-air. My dream was to crack open the mic and have my own show on a radio station and that happened sooner than I would have anticipated. I have had an amazing, eye-opening, year and you the listeners are a huger part of it. I have had the chance to work with some amazing people  and more importantly become friends some amazing people through this journey of mine.

I would like to say my thanks first before I update you. I would like to say thanks to Keke Luv for giving m the opportunity to realize my dream and to give me a shot at what I love to do. We have had ours ups and downs, but I will always remember the advice you have given me and our our laughs we have had. You gave me the opportunity to have my own night show and to take part in some very funny mornings. A rookie usually never gets to do that, but I did and for that I am indebted to you.


Michele, thank you for being like a sister to me. Supporting me, airchecking with me, growing my on-air talents and pushing me when we did live events together. You have been incredibly kind to me and for that I cannot thank you enough.

Tawsha you have my backbone for the past year and my closest confidant. You have given me advice when I was down and we have shared some pretty great moments and like Michelle you pushed me and pushed and got me out of my comfort zone so thank you.

Now for all of you reading. THANK YOU for letting me into your homes and cars. Thank you for letting me be apart of your families and sharing your stories with me. You the listener have made my wildest dreams come true. You have been support of me and patient with me while I grew on air. I cannot thank you enough for the amazing experience I had this last year. I had the opportunity to do Live for 175 twice and see the amazingness of our community and our listeners, I had the opportunity to meet many of you are summer splash and pumpkin smash, you guys were amazing at Boise music Festival last year even in the heat. I had the opportunity to go to the first two Diversity Proms ever in Boise, I got to be apart of two amazing Dance Marathons even just the street hits where we would chat, I have thoroughly enjoyed.

Thank you for the bottom of my heart. My journey is taking me to Phoenix, Arizona where I will continue to hone my talents and work on my tan. So now I say to you. See you later. I spent 8 wonderful years here in boise and 2 of them were with you. I don't know when Ill be back, but I will be back.

With a heavy Heart,


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