What makes something romantic? Is it mushy and gushy or is it something that just so happens to match exactly with your own love language? The beauty, or in this case, the romanticism is in the eye of the beholder.

We think that every corner and every inch of Idaho is wonderful--who wouldn't want to visit our state? But we've never considered calling Idaho 'alternative' by any means.

A popular blogging site for honeymoon travel recently posted their top 175 'alternative' romantic destinations across the country--can you guess who in Idaho ranked among the top!?

What Is 'Alternative' Romantic and Why Is This Idaho Town So Great?

We have a lot of questions--but perhaps you can guess which town we're talking about?

Was your guess Stanley, Idaho!? 

We've been to many weddings and camping trips in Stanley but have never considered the quaint mountain town as a honeymoon destination. What a brilliant idea!

According to the survey, Stanley is listed for being tucked away in the 'majestic' Sawtooth Mountains and offers a blend of natural and intimate charm. There is something for everyone in Stanley, Idaho but most special are the outdoor opportunities--such as kayaking, hikes, bike trails.  The survey also notes that because the town is so small, it will allow you to spend undivided attention to your partner--just don't get sick of one another!

Stanley wasn't the only Idaho town to make the the list--they just ranked the highest, coming in at 44th.  Other towns were Wallace (134th), Sandpoint (164th), and Ketchum (172nd). Have you been to any of these amazing, Idaho destinations?

As for being 'Alternative'? The site says that these destinations break the mold of your typical beachside destinations for honeymooners.

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