What exactly is going on in Idaho this winter? In December we had spring-like weather. My family and I even got a few beautiful days in at Camels Back Park. Now, snow is covering the streets, and the roads are slick. Last week, my average 20-minute commute down State Street took almost an hour. Unfortunately the weather it's not expected to much better. Isn't it almost March? Spring can get here any time now.

At the time of this post, more snow is in the forecast Sunday night and Monday morning meaning your morning commute is probably going to be a little slick. Slick roads can be a real issue here in the Treasure Valley. ISP had to shut down parts of the connector Saturday night. I was driving on the connector right before it was closed down. I counted six separate accidents where cars had slid off the road. Fortunately, it appeared that everyone involved was safe.

Jeff Connell, Townsquare Media
Jeff Connell, Townsquare Media

With the potential for a slippery Monday morning commute, I wanted to leave some tips for staying safe. Hopefully, some of these tips can minimize some of the stresses of driving on slick roads and help get you to work safely.

Plan some extra time and leave early: Traffic is more than likely going to be backed up (you know this if you commute down State Street). No need to feel the pressure of being late. Plan to leave your house at least 20 min earlier than usually do.

Fall back: Give your self some extra space from the car behind you. The is really important if your driving at higher speeds. It's recommended to stay at least four car lengths behind the vehicle in front of you.

Stay in the grooves: If you must cross lanes, make sure to signal with plenty of time for others to adjust, then slowly merge, let the momentum of your vehicle carry you over.

If you do start to slide, take your foot off the gas. If you don't have ABS in your car, keep your foot of the brakes to avoid locking up your tires. Slowly try to steer back into the skid but be careful not to overcorrect.

The inspiration for this article and tips were taken from Trespas.com. Drive safe Boise.

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