It's a hot 56 degree January day in Boise. A perfect Sunday to get the family out of the house enjoy some time outside. As I've written numerous times before, I enjoy the many outdoor recreational activities and parks Boise has to offer. In comparison to some places I lived in the past Peoria (Can't go outside without the risk of getting shot) and Portland ( Will more than likely find meth needles by the swingsets), I could never seem to find a park that had everything I was looking for.


Enter Camels Back Park in the Northend of Boise. I have been to Camels Back when I live here before but never as a father. I'm always looking for quick, cheap places I can bring Phoenyx to get her out of the house. The park had a giant children's play place with many slides and obstacles for her to burn all that pent-up energy.


The park also had an outdoor gym donated by All of the exercises used your bodyweight for the workout. I could already imagine my self this spring and summer utilizing the area.


And the ultimate draw, the hill. I'm guesstimating, but the Camelback's part of the park is a massive hill that that stretched about 150 yards. It's pretty steep too, and I would guess you climb over 20 stories to get to the top. It's not easy, but the views are worth it.


Click here to find out more about Camels Back Park.

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