Listen up, Idaho. We have seen some extremely troubling things popping up around the Treasure Valley recently, and we believe this deserves our attention.

We all like to think that crime doesn't occur in Idaho and that it's the safest little place, but that’s simply not the case.

The following information may literally save your life, or the life of someone you know.



1. Scam or Human Trafficking?


There has been a lot of speculation about what the intention is behind these specific text messages, but a lot of locals have been receiving this message and it is assumed to either be a scam or a front for human trafficking.



2. Be aware of your surroundings, especially women:

*Be advised: there is some swearing in this Facebook post.*

This local Boise woman was followed by three men into the Ross Dress For Less (near the Boise Towne Square Mall), and they were stalking her throughout the store. She became aware and let a sales associate know what was going on, and the men all instantly fled. Luckily she noticed what was going on, before something terrible happened.


3. Minor traffic accidents, particularly late at night:

This woman was stopped at a red light (late at night), when a large van in front of her slowly backed up and hit her vehicle. The driver got out and insisted she get out of her vehicle as well, to inspect the damage.

When the driver of the van refused to show identification or an insurance card, and she refused to get out of her vehicle, they quickly ran away and drove off. Could this have been an attempt to kidnap her?


4. Unmarked Ubers and taxis:

This mother ignored the red flags and warning signs, until she realized this "unmarked Uber" was taking her in the opposite direction of their hotel. Even when she insisted they had to stop the vehicle so she could throw up, the driver would not let them out.

Luckily, they were able to jump out at a red light, as the driver sped off. Moral of the story: ask questions, listen to your gut and don't ignore warning signs.


5. Air tags to track people:

Technology is a hell of a thing, and recently, people have been using air tags to track people's whereabouts, without their knowledge. This is particularly terrifying, because some people haven't realized they're being tracked until they've already driven around for an hour.


Tips that may save your life:

Now, none of this is supposed to be a scare tactic, or an overreaction. It is simply a reminder that these sort of things do happen every day, and sometimes we need a little reminder to always be aware and resilient.


  • If you are being pulled over by someone, and you’re not sure if they’re a cop: Put your flashes on to signal that you see them, drive the speed limit and call 911 to verify that it’s actually a cop. Do not stop your car, do not get out and do not flee.


  • Always park next to the entrance of a store, in a well-lit area. If you feel uncomfortable for whatever reason, ask an attendant to walk you out to your vehicle.


  • Check the backseat and underneath your vehicle for trespassers before you get inside.


  • Carry pepper spray, a gun or be prepared to use your keys as a possible weapon.


  • If something feels off or there are red flags, trust your gut. You’d rather be paranoid for no reason, rather than the alternative.


  • If you walk to your car and something is on your windshield, leave it there. Drive away a bit before stopping to grab it. Some people do this purposely to catch you off guard as you’re grabbing the trash or ticket off of your vehicle. 


  • Take up space. Don’t be afraid to use your voice. Look people directly in the eye. Show them that you’d put up a fight.


  • If you believe someone may be following you, drive straight to a police station – DO NOT DRIVE TO YOUR HOME.

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