As the price of gasoline continues to rise, many Idahoans are reconsidering their vacation options. By the time the kids are out of school, will anyone be able to afford a trip across the state or visit relatives in other states? Could the high gas price put a significant hold on the state's lucrative tourism industry? 

Idaho's One Tank Trip

Check out these gas-saving one-tank trips to your favorite Idaho getaway.

Idaho is a vast state that is one of the largest in the country. The Treasure Valley is relatively isolated from other extensive urban areas. The good news is that we've compiled a list of one-tank trips thanks to our friends at AAA Idaho/Oregon.  

If you're looking for some gas saving tips for your trips across the state or country, don't forget the following:

Make sure your tires are correctly inflated; believe it or not, gas pressure can impact your car's fuel economy.  

Properly maintaining your car could be the difference between a few extra miles or a trip to the repair show. As has been documented for years, oil changes, oil filters, air filters, and other routine car maintenance practices add up to get the most out of your vehicle's gas-saving potential.  

Did you know that driving at the speed limit can help your gas mileage? Studies have confirmed that speeds over fifty miles per gallon cause vehicles to consume more gasoline per mile. The little bursts of speeding add up to more trips to the pump. 

Defensive driving not only saves lives, but it can help save gas mileage. When someone is driving like a tough guy, or a character from Fast and Furious, the engine consumes more gas and oil.  

For more gas-saving tips, you can click this link.  

7 Gas Saving Tips that will save you money!

We look at seven gas-saving tips courtesy of AAA Idaho/Oregon.

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