For the Titanic nerds here in Idaho, did you know there was a passenger crossing the Atlantic with plans to then travel all the way to Idaho?

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I think the story of Titanic was so fascinatingly tragic. Sure, for many of its passengers, it was a luxury vacation/cruise. But for many of the 2,240 passengers, they were making their way to America to change their lives. 1,500 people died when the "unsinkable" Titanic sank into the Atlantic Ocean in the early hours of April 15th, 1912. One of those passengers, a gentleman by the name of Antti Wilhelm Sivola was headed to the United States, but more specifically, to the great state of Idaho.

Little is known about him other than he was a third class passenger and his hometown was listed Mountain Home. Did he already live there and was returning? Did he have family there? Was it just a destination he marked down or was he excitedly planning his new life in Mountain Home when disaster struck. unfortunately, Sivola passed away, as many of the third class passengers did, when the Titanic sunk that night. What would have become of him had he made it to Mountain Home? Would he have been an incredible inventor or Idaho politician? Would Google maps tell you to turn right on "Sivola" drive off when you're pulling off the connector in Downtown Boise? The world will never know but it is certainly interesting to see Idaho linked to a Titanic passenger and to think about the dreams he must have had about coming here.

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