Some of my favorite charitable organizations and groups both locally and nationally are nonprofits and that's why I believe recognizing National Nonprofit day is so important. Since I was a kid and even through high school at Bishop Kelly, giving back to the community in-kind or in form of my time, has been an important value that I have held near my heart.

St. Vincent de Paul of Southwest Idaho, based in Caldwell is one of my favorites. In high school, as you can see pictured above (how was that taken in 2011!?), it was truly a duty for us as students of Bishop Kelly to bring in anything we could--even just a can of soup--to support St. Vincent de Paul's food bank which feeds thousands of people across the Treasure Valley between their many locations.  Giving to St. Vincent's became a competition between classes, grades, and even friends and always served as a reputable location to give back to.

While living in Spokane, Washington I became familiar with the Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Inland Northwest.  Most have heard of BBBS and while working graveyards at a hotel in town, I became familiar with their annual "Bowl For Kids Sake" event.  I knew an event organizer very well and seeing the difference the organization made in the community was unreal.  As a student at Gonzaga University, a group of Public Relations majors and I helped a nonprofit named L'arche of Spokane completely reorganize their publicity campaign.  An organization that helps those with mental disabilities, I found a way to give back that I never even imagined--literally just dropping by the house and sharing some smiles and laughs.

It isn't always easy to give. We all have bills to pay, mouths to feed, and challenges of our own. However, on National Nonprofit day, I would encourage you to check out a website that can direct you to organizations in the area that are looking for all KINDS of help!

Find an organization by clicking HERE.


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