Over the years radio has been so many thing to so many people. Radio was the original movie theater, In the early days there were no music radio stations, it was basically a place for story telling. A place where people would allow their imaginations to wonder and pictures were painted with words. Later it became the medium people used  to hear the President speak to the nation. In 1938 radio pulled off the biggest prank in the history of the world when a broadcast convinced listeners that the planet was being attacked by aliens. AM radio was king for a long time and FM was the frequency no one cared about so they let the radio programmers put music on it in the 70's because "no one cared about it". History repeated itself in 1995 when the first on-line radio station was born. Now people stream radio stations on-line almost as much as they listen to them on the radio. Whether you listen to radio for the music or for the personalities that put a smile on your face everyday, Thank You for listening. Check out this cool radio timeline form Nationaltoday.com.



Radio Online

The first online radio station, Radio HK, was born in 1995. At the time, it was on the cutting edge of technology.


FM who?

FM radio made its first appearance in 1939.

October 31, 1938

Halloween Hoax

When famous director Orson Welles broadcast a radio piece that read excerpts from H.G Wells’ “War of the Worlds,” unsuspecting listeners thought it was real news, and that the planet was being attacked by aliens.

March 1933

Radio Enables the Fireside Chats

Proving it’s more than a medium to broadcast sporting events and news, radio served the United States as President Roosevelt held radio “Fireside Chats” to help lead the Nation through the Great Depression and World War 2.


The Prototype

Nicola Tesla came up with an early design for a radio long before Marconi got his hands on the technology!

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