I feel as though if there is one thing that both the year 2017 and the Presidential election last fall has taught us--it's the importance to vote. If what you voted for, happened--you're probably quite content.  If what you voted for did not win, I can only imagine how frustrated you are. But what if you didn't vote...can you really be upset?

Many say that their votes don't matter.  Let's be realistic--the odds of Idaho, for example, ever voting Democrat in the electoral college are about as slim as California going Republican.  That said-- I would hope everyone still sees the civic duty involved in voting.

From a local level ranging from mayors to school bonds all the way to who takes the White House, you have a voice and we live in a country where that voice MATTERS. How powerful is that?

The ways to register to vote are many, but the easiest way for you to find out how to get started is by clicking HERE. Whether you're away for college or living right here in the Treasure Valley, this resource will walk you through the necessary steps no matter your situation.

Of course, you must be 18 or older to vote in the United States, but I would encourage everyone that CAN vote, to make sure you can get to the polls and be heard!

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