It's election Tuesday and today is what's called the midterm elections. You have the presidential elections every four years and those midterm elections for another chance to fix the wrongs in the last vote (well, almost.)

Today is the day that your decision could help shape the future. I feel like some inspirational music should begin right about now. Seriously though. Quit complaining about the things you don't like and make a difference with your vote. If you don't understand who to vote for then maybe you should take the minimum of 5 to 10 minutes and educate yourself. Sorry if I'm so blunt but only our future is on the line. Fake news, real publication, lies, truth, fabrication and the list goes on. Educate yourself on just some basic information and don't just look at Fox News or MSNBC. Fact check everyone and get the answers to a few questions that mean something to you. You don't' need to be an expert. Just be smart. Lead yourself and don't follow the rest.

I'd also like to challenge you to fact check the people you believe in. I love the people I work for but I still need to challenge them because that's what they pay me for. We elect these people in office and we should damn sure fact check them to keep it legit. It doesn't matter whether you voted for Republicans in the past or plan on Democrats for the future. Hold them all accountable and if you don't like what's happening - go VOTE.

I will leave you a list of options to find your correct voting place and details on a few propositions up. let me leave you with this and I hope this applies to all parties.

There was a time not too long ago that life looked completely different than it does today. Imagine living in a world when your mom couldn't vote, she was harassed on a daily basis because that's how men viewed her role, and people of color weren't allowed to eat in your establishment. There were civil rights violations that if you were to see how people were treated then you would be outraged. I hope it would devastate you. I'm sure we could all use a history lesson in 2018.

You could go back an argue history but facts are facts. People gave up their lives to open their door for ours. Men and women are serving in a uniform that took an oath to protect and serve us. Women are standing up today #metoo movement for the women of tomorrow. So, don't tell me your vote doesn't count today. That's BS. Go back in time and tell those people that put their lives on the line for your one inconvenient standing in line, that it doesn't matter.

Tell the husbands, wives, children, and family members of loved ones serving in the military that you couldn't find time today.

Go vote today because you have the RIGHT to VOTE. Make your voice heard even if only for a number that tallies next to that percentage on the tv screen tonight. One of those numbers represents you and that is something to be proud of even if everyone disagrees with your vote.

Here's what you need to VOTE.

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