It was a tragedy that left the globe watching: a submersible lost at sea, on an adventure to see the ruins of the sunken Titanic ship. Most of us only know the titanic from movies and deep sea photos--but a group of adventurous folks wanted to see it for themselves, in person.

It wasn't cheap to join the excursion-- costing each person $250,000, these wealthy folks embarked on a trip of a lifetime...after signing several waivers.

Once the submersible tragically went missing, stories of the 'OceanGate' submersible  began to surface. Videos of the watercraft being built out of every day supplies, stories of how questionably built the vessel was, and so on. One of the most popular discoveries? The submersible was operated by a video game controller.

After several days of searching, the crew was presumed dead--as any amount of emergency oxygen that it was carrying, had to have been depleted. We have since learned that the vessel imploded and there were no survivors.

The internet often leaves no survivors, either--this time, here in Boise--a local Marketplace listing is offering tours to the bottom of our beloved Lucky Peak. The device? A video game controller and a large propane tank...

See the posting, below: 

attachment-Screen Shot 2023-07-06 at 2.02.56 PM

What do you think about the joke? Then again, maybe they're serious? 

We have no idea who would WANT to take a tour to the bottom of Lucky Peak in a submersible but then again--OceanGate...

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