Sometimes we just look for reasons to have a great brew. St Patrick's Day salutes the green beer while Cinco De Mayo is all about a variety of Cerveza (plus some Tequila but that's for another day.)

Add all those specialty days together for one event that unites Idahoans at the heart, National Beer Day.

I've learned in Boise for the last 14 years and have witnessed the brewing business skyrocket. It's almost more trendy to find the little brewhouse in the neighborhood that nobody knows about. It's only getting bigger with the real estate growth followed by population advancement.

Let's give a shout to the places giving you a break on brews before we rank the best.

  1. Yard House - This is a goto spot for the family to sit on the patio. The list of beers is endless and cold. Yard House will be doing $5 pints & goblets, and $10 half yards.
  2. Chili's - Don't underestimate the frosty mugs at Chili's. They will do $3 domestic drafts with special happy hour foods.

These are the top 10 ranked places to grab a beer. You will notice that some are restaurants, bars, and grocery stores. This is ranked by the people that are from Idaho and several that travel from other countries to the United States. They rank this from 1 to 100 and while I don't see a perfect score, Boise Co-Op ranks highest. You also get out of towner's personal opinion of the Boise vibe and the different brews we have on tap.


  • Google Maps
    Google Maps

    The Boise Co-Op

    94 of 100

    888 W Fort St, Boise, Idaho 83702

    "This is one of the first places if to the first place in Boise that sold sought-after beers. They have a decent selection of beer and sometimes the cheapest in town. I would have to say the best park about the Co-op is Matt their beer guy. He has been a great help for years, and very knowledgeable on what is coming to town and when it should be in." - Boisebeerguy

    Google gives it 4.6 ratings with almost 900 reviews.

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    BitterCreek Ale House

    93 of 100

    246 N 8th Street - Boise, Idaho

    "Excellent place. Big outside seating, great food. Had a really solid tap list. Cool to sit outside at 9 am and watch the farmer's market with a beer! Haha. Really impressed by the tap list." - douglas88

    4.6 rating on Google with 1,928 reviews

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    Google maps

    Woodland Empire Ale Craft Tap Room

    91 of 100

    1104 W Front Street - Boise, Idaho

    "Visited 5 different breweries while in Boise and this one was the best. Nice looking taproom...with a patio. The bartender was great and by chance, I met a local couple at the bar...told me all about the Boise beer scene."

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    Google Maps

    Flying Pie Pizzaria

    88 of 100

    4320 W State Street - Boise, Idaho

    "The best selection of beer at any restaurant I've ever been to. Where else can you get Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout and Spaten Optimator on tap?" - Lumbergh

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    Google Maps

    Bier: Thirty Bottle & Bistro

    86 of 100

    3073 S. Bown Way - Boise, Idaho

    "Great place to find some awesome beers on tap! At least 10 quality beers on at all times plus a real nice bottle selection." - tshep928

    Unfortunately, this place closed down. I still wanted to show that love because it's terrible when local businesses have to shut down and we saw a lot during 2020.

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    Google Maps

    10 Barrel Brewing

    84 of 100

    830 W Bannock St - Boise, Idaho

    "Great brewery, the apocalypse is one of the best beers I've ever had. Their other brews are delicious but the apocalypse reigns supreme!!"

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    The Front Door

    83 of 100

    105 S 6th Street - Boise, Idaho

    "The Front Door has by far the best beer selection in Boise. Thir taps are constantly rotating and they always seem to be the only place in town to carry certain specialty and seasonal brews." - ScottyGunn

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    google maps

    Payette Brewing Taproom

    83 of 100

    733 S. Pioneer Street - Boise, Idaho

    "My first visit to the new location downtown Boise...The huge and new space is pretty impressive. We got to see the brew area from the upper deck and sampled a whole bunch of their draft beers; they even brought out a couple of special release bottles for us too." -jake65

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    Google Maps

    Boise Brewing

    81 of 100

    521 W Broad Street - Boise, Idaho

    "Nice little tasting room in the middle of the brewery." - Sledutah

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    Google Maps

    Taphouse Pub & Eatery

    81 of 100

    760 W Main Street - Boise, Idaho 83702

    "Surprised this wasn't already listed. 44 taps, constantly rotating. right in the heart of downtown and accessible to everything."

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