One of the highlights of my childhood was when those giant Toys R Us magazines would come in the mail before Christmas. They don't print those monstrosities anymore, but I remember circling all of the cool fire trucks basketball themes toys and games on my grandmas couch every year.

Fun fact--while that is one of my favorite memories as a kid during Christmas time...I've never actually BEEN to a Toys R Us store. Crazy, right?

The toy store giant filed some court documents that outlined its plan to close nearly 200 of its stores recently. It's all a part of the company's bankruptcy plans.

None of these closures are for sure happening just yet, as the toy store company hopes to negotiate lease terms on as many locations and buildings as possible. Another possibility is to combine Toys R Us stores with Babies R Us stores.

The good news for Idahoans? The Meridian and Idaho Falls locations are listed as just fine--with no plans to close.

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