An interesting statistic has been released in a newly published article on a local news platform. Oh, the drama that will ensure when folks chime in with their thoughts.

What's the hot topic? Traffic fines. Here in the Treasure Valley, everyone has an opinion on traffic. There's too much for some and 'nothing' to others. The speed limits are too slow for some and for others, 'nobody knows how to drive'.  Don't even get us started on traffic arguments when there is rain or snow on the ground.

With all of these debates aside, what if we told you that revenue from traffic fines at the Boise Police Department has been steadily...declining!?

Speaking of traffic fines, when is the last time you got a speeding ticket? Perhaps our handy speed trap guide is a reason that their traffic revenue is down!?

These 17 Roads & Intersections are Known Speed Treasure Valley Speed Traps

Driving in the Treasure Valley, no matter how "bad" traffic has gotten over the last several years, really isn't too much of a challenge. Getting from Point A to Point B in our area isn't nearly as difficult as it is in larger or comparable sized cities yet, there's always someone in a hurry. What happens when one is in a hurry? Road Rage? Distracted Driving? Speeding?
Here are the most significant speed traps across the Treasure Valley that you need to be aware of.

Did we inspire you to drive better after seeing these roads are high-risk fine zones!? 

We won't take credit for encouraging folks to be on the lookout for speed traps, but we do think there's an awfully interesting correlation. Just saying.

In 2020 (the COVID-19 year that none of us want to remember), a total of $1,022,932 was raked in by Boise Police. That's peculiar to us because...nobody was doing anything or going anywhere?

Since then, there has been a decline. Check these numbers out:

  • 2021: $904,313
  • 2022: $862,784

Here's to hoping that in 2023, we all drive safe and that there isn't a big push to make up that revenue! Be safe out there, Boise!

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