The Boise Music Festival was a HUGE success!  The numbers rumored to set a new record over 81,000 fans.  Check out some pics from the Kekeluv Cam!The Boise Music Festival was great for several reasons this year.  First, the temperature peaked at 81 degrees and that was almost 20 cooler than last years.  The carnival added an extra ounce of activity to keep the grounds packed till sunset.  Finally, TRAIN!  I personally loved LMFAO's Sky Blu and his energy packed performance.  Sir Mix-A-Lot was great despite his sound problems, Fitz and Tantrums electrified the fans including a confetti explosion at the end.  TRAIN was the headliner and lived up to the hype.  Lead singer, Pat Monahan, is truly a perfectionist.  I'm not even sure if he said more than a few sentences, but his actions spoke volumes.  This guy is a singer and if you closed your eyes - it felt like the cd tracks with crowd noise.  Pitch perfect!

The festival ended right around sunset and as Train's band started to dismantle their instruments...the 81,000 fans started to ROAR!  Pat walked back out on stage for an encore performance to the piano key of, "Drops Of Jupiter".

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